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Ganna Music App

 Ganna Music Application is the E- Ganna Application & India Biggest Online  music Streaming Platform Which provide the music all around the world. Ganna Application Provide the music in Different genera like Electronic Dance Music, Hip hop , Indian Music, Folk Song, Punjabi Songs, Gazal and many more.

Ganna Music App

Ganna Music Application 

Official Website : gaana.com

Chief Executive: Prashan Agarwal

Provider: Gamma Gaana Ltd.

In India, among various online music streaming platform, the one that comes first in the mind with great popularity and huge user base, Gaana app is the topmost choice.

Started in April 2010, Gaana came a long way ahead in its domain and set the bar really high for other music streaming platforms.

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Gaana serves on almost all available digital platforms like Windows, android, macOS, iOS, web browsers and has more than 200 Million plus monthly active users with around 100 Million+ downloads and 4.3 star rating on Google Play store and also 4+ rating and around 60k reviews on App Store.

It offers over 45 Million mp3 songs in around 21 Indian regional languages.

Although it is more popular in India, It is available worldwide and provides international music content as well.

After the banned of famous Bytedance - owned Tik tok app by Government of India, Gaana launched a prominent feature, named Hotshots, that enables its users to create and shoot short videos with available tons of songs' clips. 

Apart from hotshots, Gaana also has podcasts feature which offers stories , motivational shows, news and other shows and that too all in multi languages that makes it more interactive and a step ahead in its game.

Also these two features enable all common people to come forward and can easily showcase their talents and gain popularity and money.

Speaking of money, Gaana recently came up with the feature to earn coins by listening music , creating playlists, sharing songs and other similar tasks that can be redeemed to buy its plus member subscription.

In the world full of communities, Gaana provides music lovers a option to create a public playlist as per their taste and can share with others. Anyone can simply play them and can mark them favourite as well.

Also Voice assistant feature of Gaana with good accuracy in search results makes it easy and convenient to use

The paid subscription of Gaana, Gaana Plus, offers ad free music with high definition quality and can be downloaded for offline use as well.

Its Per month pricing is 99 Rupees in India and $3.99 outside India. 

Gaana has acquired rights of 79 labels with the partnership of South Indian Music companies Association in Feb 2013. 

Gaana generates on an annual revenue of 5 US million Dollars. Several other companies like Micromax , Tencent also invested in it. And its copyrights are reserved with Times Internet.

Conclusion: Among all the available music platforms out there, Gaana is most people's top choice. With best music quality, other interactive features and pricing Gaana is totally worth. If you are a music lover and enthusiast and haven't tried Gaana yet, you are certainly missing out something best in this purpose and should give a try to this.

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