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Tomorrowland Music festival

 Tomorrowland music festival is the biggest electronic dance music festival in the world which is held in Boom, Belgium. millions of people attending this festival every year. Many artist like martin garrix, dimitri vegas& like mike, marshmello, tiesto, alan walker and many more performed in this festival.

Tommorowland Music festival
Image by Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland Music Festival

Tomorrowland music festival is the biggest music festival in the world. this festival is active from 2005 till now. this festival is organized by We Are One World. first tomorrowland music festival took place on 15 august 2005. tomorrowland is also organized winter tomorrowland which is held in winter season.
Tomorrowland belgium is the electronic dance music festival where 400000+ vistior recorded in 2019. In this music festival many artist played like martin garrix, david guetta, skrillex, marshmello, alan walker and many more. 
Every time tomorrowland music festival come up with unique theme like in 2019 The Book of wisdom, the return, in 2018 The story of Planaxis, in 2018 Amicorum Spectaculum and so on.

Tomorrowland 2020

Tomorrowland 2020 cannot take place due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and the governmental order that has been issued in that regard. 
 The 16th edition of tomorrowland music festival will take place in the summer of 2021 and the dates will be july 16-18 and july 23-25.

Tomorrowland Tickets

Tomorrowland 2020 music festival tickets will be transferred for Tomorrowland 2021.

What if Tomorrowland 2020 ticket was replaced with a tomorrowland 2021 ticket due to COVID-19 measures, but  cannot attend?

If your Tomorrowland Tickets for the summer festival of 2020 has been replaced with a tomorrowland ticket for the Tomorrowland 2021 (due to Covid-19 measures), and if you are unable to attend the 2021 event, Tomorrowland offers you the following choice

  • Name change: Usually, personalization of the tickets is final, we will open the personalization again in February 2021, for one week. If you would like to change the name on your 2021 ticket, you will be able to do it in the main Buyer's tomorrowland account during the one-week period, more info will be available at the beginning of February.

  • Exchange desk: In October 2020 we will open an exchange desk. Tickets registered through the exchange desk will be offered sale via a waiting List. Exact dates will be given on website at the later stage. please be aware that registering your ticket on the exchange desk does not guarantee that someone will buy your ticket

  • If those two options above do not suit you, and if you can prove you are unable to attend the event in 2021 for a serious and a valid reason, you can apply for a refund. Tomorrowland authority will refund you the price of your ticket within month of request and proof why you cannot attend (e.g.: sickness, wedding, professional obligation, etc.)

More information is available on there site visit 


Tomorrowland Tickets: Tomorrowland music festival tickets are quite amazing they give n a box with comes with full of surprises and that box is also describe the theme of that year.

Tomorrowland Music festival

Winter Tomorrowland

In march 2018, Tomorrowland Music Festival announced that they coming up with a new festival named Winter Tomorrowland which take place annually during the second or third week in march in Alpe d'Huez In the French Alps

The first  Winte tomorrowland took place between 9 and 16 march 2019 and used the theme "The Hymen of the Frozen Lotus". In this music festival many Artist was Featured like Martin Garrix, Dimitri vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, Steve Aoki and many more.

Tomorrowland Music festival

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Tomorrowland Music Festival Visitors In Each Year

  • 2020 - Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic
  • 2019 - 400000
  • 2018 - 400000
  • 2017 - 400000
  • 2016 - 180000
  • 2015 - 180000
  • 2014 - 360000
  • 2013 - 180000
  • 2012 - 180000
  • 2011 - 180000
  • 2010 - 120000
  • 2009 - 90000
  • 2008 - 50000
  • 2007 - 50000
  • 2006 - 15000
  • 2005 - 9000


In my personal opinion Tomorrowland Music Festival is the one of the biggest and favorite electronic dance music festival and Tomorrowland 2017 & Tomorrowland 2018 is one of my favorite music set ever. I love the theme of these two year sets and specially Tomorrowland 2017 theme which is Amicorum Spectaculum.

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